About Us

In 1989 Evan George, Chris Iveson and Harvey Ratner founded the largest Solution Focused Practice training in the world. The following year BRIEF hosted its inaugural conference which featured the co-founders of the Solution Focused Approach, Steve De Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg. At this event they presented their ideas in Britain for the first time. This began a long term relationship between the co-founders of SFBT and BRIEF that lasted for decades and led to BRIEF growing and expanding ever since.

Consequently BRIEF is SFBT started in Britain. Insoo, Steve and their team in Milwaukee were just beginning to publish their ideas and BRIEF quickly rose from that first event to becoming what is now the largest provider of solution focused training with over 4000 professionals attending courses each year.

In 2008 Elliott Connie met the co-founders of BRIEF at a conference and it was clear that Elliott’s way of thinking about SFBT matched the minimalistic approach to this model that BRIEF had come to be known for. Shortly after that Elliott made annual trips to BRIEF to study and teach along side the team there.

In time, Elliott grew closer to Evan, Chris and Harvey both personally and professionally. Also during this time Elliott was becoming among the busiest and most followed Solution Focused trainers in America. In a very short amount of time his training organization, The Connie Institute, became America’s leader in solution focused training events and online learning products.

Then one day the idea to merge the 2 organizations was hatched. The largest solution focused training entity in America teamed up with the largest solution focused entity in Europe, BRIEF International was born.

BRIEF International focusing on expanding the use of SFBT around the world by providing conferences, courses, intensive events and online courses through out the year.